Premier Protein Shakes Reviews 2021 – Top Review

Protein is one of the basic components required by our body to perform its normal functions. There are 3 macronutrients that we require to survive,

  1. Carbohydrates (Sugar)
  2. Lipids (Fats
  3. Proteins

Carbohydrates can be converted into fats thus causing obesity but on the other hand, protein builds muscle mass and can not be converted into fats and that is the reason it is the ideal component for bodybuilders and for those persons trying to lose some weight.

Many foods contain proteins but it is very difficult to extract only the protein part of a particular food and throw out the carbs and lipids. But premier protein has made it possible.

It contains protein powder as a whole which fulfills all the protein requirements of our body and guesses what? With no side effects! Amazing, right?

An average person consumes 50_60% of carbs daily along with 20_30% of lipids and only 15_20% of proteins. Both carbs and lipids are beneficial up to a limit but they have harmful effects when used in excess.

Protein on the other hand is solely responsible for building and maintaining muscle mass and fulfill the required calories.

Premier protein comes in a variety of flavors,

Premier protein comes in powder as well as in shake. Each shake contains 160calories with 30g of protein and only 1g of carbs.

Some people (like me) prefer powder proteins and we can just make protein shakes at home by mixing one spoon with 7_9 ounce of water.

Premier protein can help you lose weight at the same time build body muscles (not fat) and thus should be tried for people wanting to change their way of living.

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