What Causes Bad Smell In Nose – TOP REVIEW

Nobody likes to have a bad smell coming from their nose, I mean we can barely tolerate bad smell from our environment and just think about the condition when your breath reminds you of a leftover that’s been left too long in the fridge.

Yes! This condition is called Halitosis in medical terms and it is quite common than we think. There are many causes of this condition mostly evolves around the sinuses and nasal tract, let’s discuss one by one what causes bad smell in the nose.

1. Nasal polyps

These are small, Noncancerous, soft tear dropped shaped like outgrowth on your sinus or nasal cavity.It results from chronic inflammation in your nose constantly irritating your nasal cavity.

Risk factors of nasal polyps include,

A. AsthmaB. Recurrent nasal infections

C. Allergies

Symptoms of nasal polyps include,

  • Runny nose
  • Post nasal drip
  • Headache
  • Stuffy nose
  • Facial pain
  • Pain in upper teeth
  • Snoring
  • Bad smell from nose

Although, small polyps might not have any of this and some people don’t even know they have polyps. Large polyps can block your nasal cavity and thus affect your breathing.

2. Sinus infection

Sinuses are small cavities around our nose that help in many ways to our nasal cavity, but we are not going to discuss their functions!
Sinusitis is the inflammation of sinuses that can be acute or chronic.

What causes sinusitis?

A. BacteriaB. Viruses

C. Fungi

Bacterial sinusitis is the most common cause of sinusitis and many bacteria but the Staph Aureus are being the commonest of all.

What are the symptoms of Sinusitis?

  • Bad smell from nose
  • Headache
  • Facial pressure
  • Post nasal drip

Treatment of sinusitis depends upon the causative agent and mostly includes Antibiotics and analgesics. Most of the sinusitis resolves in 7_10 days but not chronic sinusitis, which lasts for more than 12 weeks.

3. Tooth decay

When bacteria eat away the surface of teeth, it is called tooth decay and is common in children but could happen to individuals of all ages. Tooth decay also causes a bad smell throughout the nasal cavity.

4. Tonsil stones

Our tonsil has folds and crevices that can lodge and trap food particles, saliva, mucus, and dead cells on their way out.

These traped things can cause a bad smell from the mouth and nose when infected by bacteria.
Poor oral hygiene and large tonsils are the main causes of tonsil stones. Gargling and good oral hygiene can help remove those tonsil stones.

5. Phantosmia

It is the term used for the hallucination of the olfactory system. It means there is nothing wrong in the nasal cavity, but something wrong in the brain that makes us feel those smell that is not there.

It is just like seeing someone dead or some action figure your mind wants to see. Anti-depressive/ Antipsychotics could be given in this condition but after the consultation with a doctor.

6. Chronic kidney disease

CKD or Chronic kidney disease is a term used when kidneys are damaged for a long time and are not functioning properly. When kidneys will not excrete the waste products, they will increase in the body causing bad ammonia like smell from the body including the nose.

Treatment is the renal transplant.
So, these were all about the causes of bad smell from the nose. Treatment depends on the cause and remembers, it always has some cure.

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