Today’s Wordle Remedy #409 – August 2, 2022 Resolution And Hints

The answer to modern Wordle puzzle (#409 – August 2, 2022) is coyly. The word suggests to be marked by lovable, coquettish, or artful playfulness, or displaying reluctance to make a definite commitment, in accordance to Merriam-Webster. If you encounter it in the context of Shakespearean literature — which is a recurring theme in new Wordle puzzles — it would mean the act of shrinking from speak to or familiarity.

The root term « coy » has origins in Anglo-French « quoi, » « quei, » « koi, » and from Latin « quietus, » which all necessarily mean silent. Present day respond to is but yet another term that justifies the WordleBot’s obsession with crane as the ideal starter guess. If we experienced began off with crane, we would almost certainly have solved the puzzle in a lot less than the six attempts it took us (we know, it was a shut shave). The WordleBot mentioned it would have unraveled the secret in four guesses, and the general guess normal is 3.9 currently. Hopefully, you crack the code in less guesses.

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