Top 10 Compressed Air Procedures of Thumb

Right here are the Best Ten Compressed Air « Policies of Thumb » – created to react to the questions that industrial air compressor consumers check with about most.

1. CFM shipping for every Horse Electricity expected at 100 PSIG:
o For « household proprietor » type of air compressors—2 to 2.5 CFM for each HP

o For Industrial Air-cooled 2-stage air compressors—-3.5 CFM per HP

o For Smaller Vane & Screw air compressors (25 HP or much less) 4 CFM for every HP

o For huge Piston, Screw & Centrifugal air compressors–4.5 to 5 CFM for every HP

Note: THE Additional CFM Per HP – THE Much less Energy Applied.

2. Air Receiver Dimensions desired for these forms of inlet control:
o Modulating Regulate————— to 1 gallon for every CFM

o On-Line/Off-Line—————– 3 to 4 gallons for each CFM

o Cease-Begin/ Variable Velocity– 4 to 6 gallons per CFM

Notice: THE Much more AIR STORAGE  – THE Significantly less Vitality Applied

3.  Amperage for each Horse Ability:
115 Volts——-  1 section——– 10 amps for every horse electricity

230 Volts——-  1 phase——– 5 amps for each horse power

208 Volts——-  3 phase——– 3 amps per horse electricity

230 Volts——-  3 stage——– 2.5 amps per horse electrical power

460 Volts——-  3 period——– 1.25 amps for each horse electricity

574 Volts——-  3 phase——– 1 amp per horse energy

Notice: THE Far more Power Economical THE MOTOR – THE Considerably less Vitality IS Utilised.

4. Air Piping Dimension by CFM and Force Drop:
o Compressor Room Header—.25 PSIG force drop per 100 feet of piping

o Main Line—————–.5 PSIG force drop for each 100 ft of piping

o Loop Line—————–1 PSIG strain drop for every 100 feet of piping

o Branch Line—————2 PSIG strain drop for every 100 feet of piping

Observe: THE Considerably less AIR Strain Fall – THE Less Power Utilized.

5. Sizing your Compressed Air Line Filters to be two times (2x) your compressor CFM stream rate.
o This will reduced your strain fall 2-3 PSIG and save an more 1% on electrical power prices.

o Factors will past twice (2x) as extensive and this can conserve on your maintenance fees.

6. Decreasing Air Compressor Stress settings by 2 PSIG will consequence in a 1% electricity personal savings.

7. Decreasing Air Compressor Inlet Air Temperature by 10° F will consequence in a 2% electrical power savings.

8. The normal strength value to run an air compressor is roughly $.10 for every horse electric power for every hour.

9. Compressed Air procedure leaks totaling the sizing of a 1/4″ orifice, at 100 PSIG, functioning 24 hours a day will squander around $15,000 worthy of of electrical power a year.

10. Working with Synthetic Compressor Lubricants can save you up to 9% of the strength value of working your compressor as when compared to working with a non-synthetic lubricant.

CFM= Cubic Feet per Minute  – Volumetric air stream price.

Inlet Strain = The actual force at the inlet flange of the compressor.

PSIG= Pounds For each Square Inch Gauge

AMPS=Abbreviation of the plural for Ampere, a unit of electrical latest

Pressure = Force for each device location, measured in kilos for each square inch (psi).

Strain Dew Issue = For a given strain, the temperature at which drinking water will start to condense out of air.

Inlet Temperature = The total temperature at the inlet link of the compressor.

Knowing these « Guidelines of Thumb » can support you in knowing several of the basics of compressed air. Making use of these recommendations can enable conserve you time , power and income.

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