Pixel 6a Can’t Look To Repair Its Fingerprint Scanner Issues

Immediately after updating the Google Pixel 6a to the newest Beta model of Android 13, SlashGear’s Tushar Mehta verified that fingerprint recognition has grow to be « painfully slow. » The update also appears to have damaged the phone’s means to include a new fingerprint with constant couldn’t procedure fingerprint » mistakes. 

A YouTuber — PurposelyPixel — has run into the identical difficulty and has documented the same in his video. 

As of now, the only way to correct this situation is to roll back the Pixel 6a to a steady variation of Android 12. It truly is critical to be aware, below, that any beta software program from Google comes with a disclaimer that implies mistakes may arise, as the process is (by definition) still in testing. There is a great prospect that this challenge will be dealt with by the time the cellphone gets the official nod for Android 13 later this 12 months.

Meanwhile, consumers managing the most up-to-date protection update for the Google Pixel 6a have seen what appears to be a correct for the formerly talked about « even much more serious edition of the bug » in which possibly any human finger could bypass the lock display screen the moment a solitary fingerprint is registered and the fingerprint scanner is active. Fingerprint scanning on the Google Pixel 6a appropriate this minute (with secure program) isn’t especially speedy, but it seems to be exact.

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