Twitter Screwed Up, Exposing 5.4 Million Accounts

In January, a cybersecurity pro with the username « zhirinovskiy » described a Twitter vulnerability on the HackerOne forum. The consumer described in detail how the log-in pipeline vulnerability works and how uncomplicated it was to execute inside of a couple techniques. The vital takeaway was that by just making use of a cell phone number or e mail address, a destructive bash could locate out the connected Twitter account. The flaw was located in Twitter’s Android application.

Roughly two weeks later on, a Twitter employee confirmed that the situation was fastened and also awarded a bug bounty worth $5,040 to zhirinovskiy for acquiring and aiding take care of the « valid security concern » (by means of Restore Privacy). Nonetheless, the patch arrived way too late. In accordance to Restore Privateness, a terrible actor heading by the username « satan » experienced previously exploited the stability flaw to scrape the information of 54,85,636 Twitter accounts.

The stolen facts was then shown for sale on the infamous darkish world-wide-web hacking community referred to as Breached Message boards. « These consumers array from Celebs, to Businesses, randoms, OGs, and so on. » the hacker wrote in his publish (by means of Restore Privateness). The authenticity of the knowledge was verified by the hacker as well as the authorities around at Restore Privacy. Curiously, the hacker demanded a paltry sum of $30,000 for the facts belonging to over 5.4 million Twitter accounts.

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