Improving blood flow to the genitals: 2 exercises you must try! – TOP REVIEW

A perfectly perfused genitals are the basis for a firm and long-lasting erection and great physical experiences. Without blood, there will be not only an erection but also insufficient stimulation.

In other words, your love will be worth an old slipper. So how to effectively increase the blood supply to your genitals? How to improve the blood supply in your organ? How to achieve a better and firmer erection just by improving blood circulation? We have selected the two most effective exercises for you. Try them with us!

Two exercises that will improve blood flow to the genitals

1. Helicopter

The first effective exercise is the so-called Helicopter. Yes, that’s exactly what came to your mind at first – spinning your organ in the air. It may seem comical and completely impractical, but don’t be fooled. The centrifugal force perfuses the organ very well and adds strength to it.


Stand up, undress halfway down your body and start moving your hips to spin your organ. First, turn it for 30 seconds in one direction, then change direction and turn it for another 30 seconds in the next direction. Repeat the series five times.


Since you will rotate the organ five times on one side and five times on the other side, both after 30 seconds, one exercise will take you 5 minutes. Repeat this every other day.


You do not need any special aids for this exercise. You can do it with your own body.


The centrifugal force perfuses the organ very well. It adds strength to it, slightly also to its length, and improves erection. The result will be a perfectly perfused organ, with which you can satisfy your partner even for long minutes.

2. Organ stretching

The second effective exercise to improve blood flow to the genitals is organ stretching. Again, in this case, you will stretch your organ, similar to what was described at Jelqing, but in this case, in a slightly different way.


Again, first, lubricate your organ with a lubricant to make it glide nicely. Then hold the acorn of the organ firmly with one hand and have the organ by the root with the other hand. And now start stretching. Stretch your organ as much as possible, but not so that it starts to hurt. No workout should be painful for you, so always work out just the way you like it.


One stretch should take about 5 seconds. Repeat this 30 times. In total, the exercise will not take you even 3 minutes. If it stops slipping over time, take a short break, lubricate your organ and move on. We recommend at least one stretching a day.


Even in this case, it is best to take a lubricating gel with you. Without it, you could rub your organ, and we don’t want that. However, a cream, massage oil, or baby oil can also provide you with an excellent service. In short, anything you have on hand.


Again, with this exercise, you massage your organ, thus improving blood circulation and stretching it slightly to be longer after a few weeks of regular exercise.

Exercises to improve blood flow to the genitals

Any activity is indeed better than none. You don’t have to do the exercises mentioned above, but it’s better to do some exercises than none at all. Your organ is continuously active. Blood is still flowing in it, and sperm is constantly forming in the testicles.

It is still accepting all the surrounding sensations. Therefore, it is essential to massage it from time to time, rub it, or just play with it. Even ordinary masturbation is better than nothing at all.

Medicine to improve blood flow to the genitals

And suppose you still feel that the blood supply to your organ does not take place even during regular exercise. In that case, you can try the natural remedy which improves blood circulation of the organ and the whole organism.

Fildena 150 or vigora 100 has a positive effect on the quality and strength of the erection and overall contributes to improving men’s physical health. It is the best-selling product of all products in the world wide. Fildena is taken in the amount of 1 tablet about an hour before the planned love.

It positively affects the body’s blood supply, contributes to a firm erection, and supports physical desire and overall performance in bed.

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