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  1. Then_Zucchini_8451

    Idiots for attention. I don’t know what was unexpected about this but obviously they were never taught not to play in traffic

  2. SheepherderFront5724

    I’m kinda shocked by the comments here. Sure, this guy shouldn’t be doing this on a busy road, but that doesn’t make it normal for somebody in a car to try and KILL him.

    EDIT: To be clear, I don’t suspect the driver actually deliberately tried to kill the kid, what I’m shocked by is the number of people saying it would be justified to do so.

    EDIT2: Please read the first edit.

  3. DirtyLikeASewer

    No one seems to mention that it’s dark out and he is wearing all black except his shoes…. with the oncoming headlights blinding the driver it may have been hard to tell what was in the road and how close it was… it could have been a legit accident given that the horn honk came so late…safety first

  4. ILikeUncleBens

    Yeah exactly fuck the guy on the bike. Get in your fucking lane. Everyday people drive with night blindness. Stop fucking around in the car lane.

  5. Low-State-4359

    It looks like the driver was trying to pass the bicyclist’s stupidity (and going too fast at that) but their lane suddenly was disappearing and had to turn into the lane the cyclist was in. The cyclist was weaving from far right to far left and would not have been hit if they were in the middle of the lane.

    The driver might have been passing a vehicle and didn’t realize there was a cyclist in front.

    I don’t have all the context to say the driver was a full AH / attempted murderer or just someone trying to pass illegally* what appeared to be a slow moving vehicle.

  6. Single-Selection9845

    half the people here are hardcore crazy lunatics that find justifiable to endanger another person’s life and create a possible serious traffic issue just to punish a clown biker- and we wonder whats wrong with society where incovinience and anger are justifiable for many to punish physically sb

  7. The fact that people will often put their own lives at risk to swerve around these dumbasses doing stupid shit on their bike is precisely the reason why this dumbass thinks he’s perfectly safe doing this shit on an HIGHWAY.

    Thank fuck the people at my school a year ago was mostly against all this dumb TikTok clout shit. You got popular by actually having a good personality and being able to stand by your words, not being a entitled little bitch recording yourself doing dumb tricks on a highway

  8. As a cyclist, I’m annoyed at how the kid is doing tricks out in the street with all those cars around

    As a common person, why in the hell does someone use a car (that can be used as “assault with a deadly a weapon”) to act on their annoyance and almost kill the dumbass kid?

  9. ShadowReaperX07

    Cyclist is dumb and acting like a prat.

    Car Driver is impatient and makes a poor over-take against rule 130 pertaining to « Areas of white diagonal stripes across the carriageway »:

    « If the area is bordered by a broken white line (it is) you should not enter the area unless it is *necessary* and you can see it is safe to do so. »

    This is in the UK other countries rules do not apply.

    As much as I think this is the meeting of two inconsiderate cunts, the car Driver is far worse given how much more vulnerable the cyclist is, and given is already cycling like a twat should have been treated like he could do dumb shit, like move closer to the hatched markings you shouldn’t really be overtaking in given the argument of necessary is called into question (you wouldn’t have got around a car, so…).
    The car would be found at fault, likely even with actual footage of the incident (cyclists are permitted to wobble and is why you give them just as much leeway as a car).

    Will the cyclist do this on an A Road in future? hopefully not, because it could cause a genuine accident and is inconsiderate.

    Will the car have a bit more patience and planning? hopefully so, it would serve everyone well in future.

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