The Theragun Mini is a muscle sore game changer

I remember first noticing the persistent pulling and straining in my upper right shoulder. I had just graduated from college and recently transitioned from server to bartender while bidding time until I landed my first full time media job. As a waiter, I always ran from one table to another, then back to the kitchen before going back to the floor. But as a bartender, I was trapped in a 12-square-foot box in which I stood for hours on end. As I stood dead still (which I often did when there were no customers), daydreaming about finally embarking on my lifelong dream of becoming a writer in New York City, I felt a sharp pain deep in my trapezius.

The stabbing pain extended down the base of my neck and to the edge of my shoulder. It was intense and terrible, so much so that when the daily occurrence started to take hold (which I blamed for switching to a more sedentary role), I went to the spa at my gym and signed up for a weekly massage on the spot. membership . After just a few sessions of deep kneading, the pain in my shoulder and neck immediately started to subside as my knot was finally unfurled.

This was all while living in Virginia. When I moved to New York City a few months later, the skyrocketing prices of deep tissue massages made it impossible to get rubbed in on a weekly basis. But my new life in the city meant I literally walked everywhere, making my knot less noticeable and more manageable. Still, I longed for the deep tissue targeting of my beloved massages. Fortunately, Theragun soon entered the wellness area with his Theragun Proa percussion therapy device (also known as a massage gun that uses rapid movements to send vibrations deep into muscles to relieve aches and pains) that makes relief at home easier than ever.

Because I worked in the wellness area, I got a Theragun Pro on loan. As soon as I slipped the fast-acting smart device over my always sore shoulder and neck, I finally felt relief. It was a bit bulky though, not to mention cumbersome to lift over my own shoulder and effectively train the muscles in my back. That’s why I was so excited when Therabody released its mini-yet-mighty bite-sized Theragun in 2020. Theragun Mini measures less than 15 cm and is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in your hand. Plus, it’s significantly less expensive than its Pro counterpart. Needless to say I am a huge fan. Keep reading to discover all the reasons why.

Theragun Mini at a glance

unpacking the theragun mini
Thanks to Rebecca Norris
Mate: About 5.5 x 6.5 inches
Battery life: 150 minutes per full charge
Application: Incredibly well designed with dozens of different massage routines to follow
Speed ​​Settings: Three
Accessories: Six tip attachments


  • Incredibly portable thanks to its small size
  • Easy to grip due to ergonomic design
  • Easily locates sore muscles with different speed settings and tip attachments


  • Pricey at $199
  • Does not come with different attachments; need to buy separately
  • Claims to be quiet, but is actually quite audible


At just over two inches wide and a little under seven inches long, the Theragun Mini has a small footprint in terms of percussion therapy devices. In addition to being about the size of an adult’s hand, the device is designed with slightly concave panels that make it easier to grip and hold during use. What’s more, where the Theragun Pro is designed to be held in the same way as a pistol, which can feel cumbersome, the Theragun Mini is meant to be gripped comfortably in the palm so it’s easier to maneuver. And because it’s so portable, it’s extremely travel-friendly. I regularly stash it in a side pocket of my bag when I go on a road trip or flight.

Battery life

The Theragun Mini takes approximately 80 minutes to fully charge with the included charger. Once charged, it provides 150 minutes of run time regardless of the speed setting you’re using. Where many devices seem to dwindle as time goes by, the Minis maintain a long lifespan. I’ve had this unit for over two years now (and heavily used) and it continues to hold a full charge. Now, if you think 150 minutes isn’t that long, consider this: Each of the Theragun percussive massage routines (listed in the app — more on that in a bit) ranges between one and 10 minutes, with most in the realm from three to five minutes. So with a full charge, you can easily sustain a whole week’s worth of massage routines, if not more.

the app

Point blank: The Therabody app is incredible. As fantastic as the Theragun Mini is on its own – since you can use it to quickly target any sore muscle group – the app provides detailed massage routines to address dozens of different concerns related to both warm-ups and recovery. As an avid Orangetheory goer, I especially love the workout warm-up section, which offers ideas for whole-body, upper- and lower-body warm-ups. Then, after a sweat session, I dive back into the app and check out the workout recovery section, which includes core recovery as well as full-body, upper- and lower-body-inspired regimens.

Other routines I swear by are the shin splints and sciatica routines, which take users through extensive massages that address throbbing shins and aching lower backs. My all-time favorite routine in the app has to be the one for tech neck. In just five minutes, it relieves the pain in my throbbing upper quadrant and teaches me how my muscles work together. For example, did you know that massaging your biceps and chest can have a drastic effect on the way your falls and neck feel? All in all, the Theragun Mini is one of a kind and with the help of the app it is a groundbreaking device for both well-being and general comfort.

Speed ​​Settings

In the app, users are provided with mounting guidelines (i.e. suggestions on which mounting head to use for each regimen) and can choose which speed best suits their muscle needs. For me, the lowest setting is usually strong enough to get the job done. However, every now and then I find myself reaching for the mid or high level. Each speed has something deep and restorative to offer. That said, if you choose to use the cone or wedge mounts, you may want to stick with the low or medium speeds, as the high speed can make them particularly penetrating, to the point where they’re almost painful. But hey, sometimes a little soreness from a deep tissue massage is just what it takes to get the job done.


The Theragun Mini comes with the Standard Ball attachment, a not-too-hard, not-too-soft ball tip that works well with all massage routines in the app. There are also more custom tips designed for less or more muscle targeting, but these are sold separately. That’s the only downside: the attachments don’t come with the Theragun Mini, nor are they sold in bundles. So with between $20 and $30 each, it can add up quickly if you want to fully equip your Therabody accessory arsenal. Aside from the cone and wedge attachments, there are five others to choose from: the Dampener (a wider, flatter version of the standard ball), the Wedge, the Large Ball, the Thumb, and the Supersoft.

The takeaway

author uses theragun mini on leg
Thanks to Rebecca Norris

Despite being close to $200, which can definitely be a splurge, the Theragun Mini is well worth the price. As someone who once spent about $70 a week on a massage for months, it actually feels like a steal. Now I do daily Therabody routines with my Theragun Mini and then enjoy a monthly 60 or 90 minute professional massage. In that way, the Theragun Mini has helped me save money, while also making my body feel more comfortable after each use. The Theragun Mini is one of my most used wellness items, as well as one of my all-time favorite purchases. So whether your goal is to better prepare for workouts, recover more effectively, or simply find relief from hours of desk work, the Theragun Mini is definitely worth considering.

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theragun mini in black

Theragun Mini

Therabody’s Theragun Mini makes deep tissue massage at home an everyday treat. Although it is an investment, the percussion therapy device pays for itself with each use.

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