The Best Subscription Boxes for Snacks

To illustrate how much we love snacks in our family, I’ll describe our overflowing pantry, which has become both a point of pride and a source of endless clutter. There’s a shelf of gummies and granola bars, followed by a full of savory snacks (chips, crackers, flavored nuts), and then one for apple sauces, chocolate bars, and s’mores essentials.

Why so many snacks, you ask?

I tell myself I like to be prepared for playdates and impromptu gatherings, but in reality I just like being able to wander in for a snack at will. I’m a homebody at heart, and someone with precise desires, so it’s nice to know there’s something for every mood.

But sometimes I even get bored of our typical snack offer. Enter: The Subscription Box, a fun and new way to keep your snack options fresh and interesting. There are many, from savory jerky subscriptions to sweet candy and cookie subscriptions. You can often adjust the size of your box or the delivery frequency. The smaller boxes are also great as gifts, especially for grandparents who seem to already have everything. Plus, it’s easy enough to cancel or pause your subscription should you decide to take a break.

But with all the options out there, which one is best for you?

Things to consider when subscribing to a snack box

  • Frequency: The most common offer is a monthly subscription, but for items that have a longer shelf life, once every two or three months can also be a good option. Many boxes also have varying amounts per month, so be sure to pick the one that fits your family’s snacking needs.
  • Snack offer: There are some boxes that cater to your sweet tooth, while others (like the meat-focused ones) focus on savory snacks. Some combine. I personally prefer a mix, since I have both sweet and savory lovers in the house. You can also choose options that focus on a specific snack category, such as cheese or chocolate, while others are more general. Some snack subscriptions also take you on a fun world trip by offering international goodies. When it comes to dietary preferences and restrictions, check to see if the snack box offers an option for you (nut-free, gluten-free, keto, etc.).
  • Customizability: Some boxes allow for more specification when it comes to items included, or the type of item (such as jerky boxes that let you choose spice level, for example). The international snack boxes sometimes also let you choose the country from which your snacks are composed. If you don’t see an option that guarantees your dietary preferences or allergies, please contact customer service to see if there is an option that fits.
  • Cost: The snack boxes really range, from $12.99 to $50+ per month. Of course, many of these costs are reflective of supporting smaller brands that will often offer more curated, artisanal products and handcrafted processes, not to mention the amount of included snacks.

Here are some of our very favorite snack subscription options that will keep the whole family nibbling.

For adventurous snackers

SnackCrate, Japan subscription box

snack crate

If you are a snacker who loves surprises and delicious food from all over the world, then look no further. SnackCrate curates a selection of delicious new snacks from countries around the world, such as Morocco, Belgium and of course the cool snack capital, Japan. You get over 20 big (!!) snacks, along with a booklet of fun facts, games and a music playlist tailored to the country in question. This is a great option for parents who want to teach kids about global culture in a fun way. You can even take a snack quiz to determine which option works best for you.

From $12.99/month

Mouth, Best of the Mouth Club Subscription Club


The mouth is for the light spark plug snacker who likes to eat something tasty with the evening aperitif. In fact, they even have a cocktail box with small batch mixers for making tasty drinks. If you’re looking for something of the snack-centric variety, their? snack box offers a thoughtful mix of textures and flavors, from nuts that deliver a satisfying crunch to sour pickles for a delicious time.

From $54/month

NatureBox, back to school box


We could probably all benefit from a little more mindful snacking, and NatureBox offers just that, with satisfying snack choices that will keep you fed and energized during any afternoon dip. If you want to moderate your sugar intake, this is a good choice, as none of the snacks have more than 10 g of added sugar per serving. They also have a guarantee that they will replace any snack you don’t like, so you’re sure to get the snacks you really want to eat. There are a handful of great snack box varieties, but I’m drawn to the Back to School Box, which is nut-free (a must for cafeterias!)

Starting at $44.99 per month.

Universal Yums, Yum box

Universal Yums

This is a great value snack box for those who may want to experiment a bit before signing up for a hefty monthly subscription. You can get between 5 and 20 global snacks per month depending on your appetite and budget, along with bonus content such as a trivia booklet or even activities. You can also select which region of the world or country you want to receive snacks from, giving you even more control over what you receive. Past subscriptions include Tikka Masala Corn Chips from India, Thai Iced Tea Wafer Cookies, and Vanilla Ice Cream Nougat Choco Bars from Russia.

From $15/month.

Japanese snacks in box


With more than 10,000 positive reviews, Bokksu is an absolute favorite among snack subscriptions. The snacks are all shipped directly from Japan, many from small businesses with unique options. You get 20-24 snacks and sweets, along with a matching tea package. Each subscription box comes with a booklet detailing the ingredients of the snacks and the history behind them. Each subscriber’s first box is the Seasons of Japan box, which takes you on a culinary journey through Japan’s seasonal ingredients. This is a very special box with a large cult following. Past snacks include Seaweed Tempura Chips and Kyoto Matcha Chocolate Cakes – mouthwatering!

From $39.99/month

Cheese of the Month Club, The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

Cheese of the Month Club

If you like a little cheese with your wine (or juice!), why not tempt yourself with a variety of artisanal and farmhouse cheeses from around the world? Each box comes with three cheeses weighing a total of 1.5 lbs, and also includes tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker history, as well as serving and pairing suggestions. Past cheeses include a salty Spanish Mahón, a crisp and sharp Austrian Kilokaesle, and a rustic Lincolnshire poacher from England.

From $41.95/month

For the sweet tooth

Baketivity, Baking and Cooking Subscription Boxes for Kids


This kid-centric subscription service is basically a family baking box, with all the dry ingredients to whip up tasty treats — no shopping list necessary. The recipes are hand-tested for quality and designed with simple, intuitive instructions that children can follow. Each box contains three additional recipes that you can make yourself, along with coordinating activities. You can even jump online and watch Baketivity demo videos. Each subscription also includes a free apron and chef’s hat for your little baker, making it a great family activity that offers many opportunities to learn together. A previous box featured a beach day picnic with associated summer-themed activities.

From $28.95/month.

composite box with six candy boxes

Candy Club

Choose from sweet or sour options in this brightly colored box of candies. Fun choices include rainbow sour belts, cookie dough bites, watermelon taffy, and much more. It’s a combination of nostalgic favorites (like nonpareils) and tasty new flavor profiles (like tropical drops flavored with coconut and pineapple). The Fun Box contains six different 6-oz. candies that you can adjust for a « mostly sweet » or « mostly sour » mix.

From $29.99/month

Pastreez, Macaron of the Month Club


Few things say more elegance than a box of colorful, IG-worthy macarons. Get a box of 12 seasonal macarons to indulge your inner Francophile, with two flavors per box. Past flavor selections have included salted caramel, apricot, and chocolate. These are also lovely gifts for both adults and children. (Parent tip: macarons are the choice treat for a fancy tea party!)

From $19/month

Mystery Chocolate Box 3 months

Mystery Chocolate

Each month Mystery Chocolate delivers three full-size surprise bars for the whole family to share. The company started when a family scoured the markets in search of interesting new chocolate varieties to share. After all, there’s nothing like an after-dinner nibble of chocolate to give you that « pamper » feeling without feeling over stuffed with an entire dessert. And the ‘guess’ component of this box allows you to gamify your snacking while trying to pinpoint the exact flavors in each bar, including pineapple, lavender, caramel or honeycomb. One of the coolest parts of this business is that for every box sold, Mystery Chocolate donates one meal to an American family and one meal to an international family. You can buy in 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, making this particularly suitable as a gift or as a starter trial.

From $63.95/month

mrs.  Fields Treat of the month, 3 month box

Mrs. Fields Treat of the Month

Our favorite mall sweet treat is now available at your doorstep every month in this treat of the month club. Each box is seasonally curated, so you can be sure you’ll be in the mood for every treat delivered. You might get cookies or brownies, or some other kind of sweet treat. Unfortunately, there are currently no nut-free options.

From $27.49/month

For protein lovers

Monthly KetoKrate Subscription


Keto-friendly snacks can be hard to find, but they’re always a good option for those with dietary restrictions or preferences that can limit gluten and sugar. You’ll receive 10+ full-size snacks each month and discounts on the recommended snacks, just in case you find one you want to order in bulk. Many of the recommended snacks are not available in stores and come from smaller retailers, so you can be sure to get something new and exciting in almost every box. Past snack boxes have included beef sticks, barbecue-flavored puffs, snickerdoodle mini cookies, and more.

From $39.99/month

JerkyGent subscription box


Hearty snack lovers will get a kick out of this gourmet jerky box. Each box is hand-selected to contain only craft jerky from independent retailers, and you can choose both your spice level and flavor (such as Bloody Mary, BBQ Peach, or Craft Beer infusions). You can get 2-8 bags per month depending on your optimal jerky consumption. (They’re also great additions to school lunch boxes, for an extra dose of protein!)

From $16/month

Carnivore Club Snack Box

Carnivore Club

Like JerkyGent, this club offers meaty options including jerky and beef sticks. You can choose from a monthly, bimonthly or once every three months delivery frequency. Add-ons include the romantic name Exotic Jerky Bouquet and past offerings include the Cajun Beef Jerky and Hot Venison Sticks. Reviewers rave about this box, with someone calling it « a joy to receive! »

From $34.99 per month

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