Why is TikTok so obsessed with Scrub Daddy?

Few shows have the same devoted following as shark cage. Whether or not the company in question is picked up by the Sharks, their product usually ends up in your hands at some point.

Such a product, scrub daddyappeared on the show in 2012 and to this day the brand maintains the reputation of « most successful » shark cage Product,” courtesy of Lori Greiner. The happy sponges have become a mainstay in kitchens around the world, with more than 25 million sold.

You would expect a product as simple as a sponge to fade into the background – something that is often bought without thought or fanfare. But recently, the Scrub Daddy has been all over the « For You » page on TikTok, where users can watch countless videos of fans and collectors showing off their circular little friends. Gen Zers are flocking to these sponges, making the Sponge Daddy an unlikely trend among young consumers.

This is due in large part to the brand’s internal social media team. The brand has amassed nearly 2 million followers for its entertaining videos using trending sounds and viral hashtags. They’ve even teamed up with the famous Duolingo Owl to create slightly weird videos like the two mascots giving birth to bird-shaped sponges. Scrub Daddy’s President and CEO Aaron Krause said: The Philadelphia Inquirer that he only sleeps « three hours a night » because he is busy reading all the comments on social media.

You’ve probably seen relationships like this more often on social media, as brands try to engage more deeply with followers using a « friendship-like » relationship. Wendy’s was one of the initiators, with its snappy and witty tweets that allowed users to relate to a brand on a more personal level than ever before. The same concept of ‘branding as friends’ has now clearly been adopted by Sponge Daddy, where millions of people have increasingly come to the brand for its quirky and recognizable online presence. Brands are ‘just like us’ and they make memes.

It may be strange to think of a cleaning company as your ‘friend’, but according to a study by Shoot Social, 64% of consumers are actually interested in brands interacting with them. Since many young people live a large part of their lives online, it makes sense for them to connect through fun social media posts. From the same survey, 70% of shoppers feel more like brands with CEOs who are « very online ». Not only do memes and videos help consumers feel connected to certain brands, they also strengthen customer loyalty. Scrub Daddy has a successful online presence that connects with viewers on a personal level, and people are now responding to reciprocity in the form of purchases and repeat sales.

What’s so special about Scrub Daddy?

While many brands have interacted with potential consumers through social media, Scrub Daddy’s success has been mainly because it brings out a product that people actually want to buy. “CleanTokContent creators love to use the sponge and then showcase their results in before and after style videos. Coined as « America’s Favorite Sponge », Scrub Daddy (unlike other sponges) uses thermoplastic technology that allows it to clean a variety of surfaces without a ton of different tools. Say goodbye to that bucket of dirty and smelly sponges and rags and hello to a small, round sponge.

How does the Scrub Daddy work?

As with most sponges, scrub daddy works by applying gentle pressure to dirt and grime. Depending on the water temperature, the thermoplastic material makes the sponge hard or soft to achieve optimal cleaning conditions. For a softer, gentler scrub, dip your sponge in hot water. For heavy scrubbing, cold water makes it hard and firm. It not only cleans surfaces, but leaves no scratches, so you can be sure that your favorite pan or countertop will remain intact and streak-free. You can even use it to wash your car if you want – it’s a really versatile cleaner.

The Origin of Scrub Daddy

While the Scrub Daddy may be a cute sponge, it has some interesting origins and design facts that make it even more unique.

Here are some fun facts about the brand according to Scrub Daddy’s Q&A section website:

1. The original use of the Scrub Daddy was to hands of car mechanic, that’s why it’s circular. Aaron Krause, the brains behind the brand, found that the round shape was easier to hold than a rectangular sponge, and that the ridges were meant to clean under fingernails.

2. The eye holes are designed to clean your fingers, but also provide better leverage to reach the bottom of cups and bowls.

3. The scrub daddy won’t scratch cars or cookware, making it an extremely versatile cleaning tool.

4. Finally, the smile was added to clean kitchen utensils on both sides in a single movement.

What’s the difference between a scrub dad and a scrub mom?

The scrub mom is a dual-faced version of the Scrub Daddy with a scrubber side and a resofoam side. Resofoam stays soft even after it dries, resists stains and odors, rinses clean and is super absorbent.

In addition to the classic yellow smiley face, Scrub Daddy (and Mommy) have expanded to include other colors and shapes. TikTok users like @Skylar_Toth create content that shows off their growing collections. In her videoshe shows new rules like this special edition summer theme set with a crab, octopus and shark washer. For the Scrub Mommy, find limited edition flower sponges available in vibrant pastel colours. You can also find fun, limited-edition assortments to collect—from ghostly sponges for Halloween to festive shapes for the winter holidays.

Other Scrub Daddy Products

For the best cleaning of the dishes, Scrub daddy’s dish soap is the way to go. The long stick provides a way to get deep into those nooks and crannies, be it a cup, mug or vase. When you’re done cleaning, let it rest in this sponge holder which adheres to most smooth surfaces with suction cups, allowing water to drain and keeping your space organized.

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set

Now that you know what the hype is all about, be sure to grab your very own Scrub Daddy and test it out before joining the millions of other people who can’t stop raving about this multipurpose cleaning tool.

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