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I am a recovering perfectionist in the kitchen. Where I once wiped up every drop of oil as it fell on my hob, or brushed up sifted flour as soon as it rained on my counter, I now tend to use a more laissez faire approach to cooking. I owe this in large part to my 6-year-old daughter, who has always been curious about all things kitchen (and eager to help!). As soon as she could walk, she followed me into our kitchen, reaching for the mixing bowls, or « helping » by banging a wooden spoon on a pot. As most parents know, you can’t be a perfectionist when you have young children on the way.

Much to my delight, my child began to practice real skills in the kitchen as we baked her favorite chocolate chip cookies together – a weekly occurrence at this point. Her egg-breaking skills are still progressing, though she’s always been adept at dumping ingredients. She’s also a professional mixer, leaning forward with a furrowed brow as she uses all her arm strength to work the dry ingredients into the wet. And of course no one tastes the chocolate chips like she can. I thought, after a few years of this dedication in the kitchen, she more than deserved her own set of kitchen utensils.

And here’s the thing: While I no longer succumb to my perfectionist tendencies (too much), I’m still a sucker for a well-designed kitchen tool. Enter Material, an Asian-American brand that celebrates cooking traditions across all backgrounds and cultures. The foodie-loved company, featured in both Harper’s Bazaar and enjoy your dinneramong other publications, recently released an adorable children’s product line for chefs-to-be.

“I started cooking with my eldest daughter during the pandemic (as so many parents did!).” She found a sense of pride and satisfaction in doing things herself, and I was able to give her the space to try things out and experiment. experiment. » Who doesn’t want to give their kids a chance at independence in the kitchen?

Children’s set material at a glance

Material Children's set in box
Thanks to Thao Thai
Includes: Mini Air Whisk, Mini Spatula, The Cook Deck (a cooking game for kids)
Materials: BPA-free silicone with stainless steel core (whisk) or nylon core (spatula)
Dimensions: The (mini) Air Whisk: 8″ x 1.5″, The (mini) Spatula: 10.5″ x 2.1″, The Cook Deck: 4.5″ x 3.5″
colors: 4 colorways in the colors pink, purple and turquoise
Concern: Dishwasher safe
Price: $45

For an additional fee, you can also get one of the eco-friendly candy-colored rebowls or mini reBoardsboth perfectly sized for smaller hands.

The Mini Kitchen Tools Kids Won’t Put Down

When the beautiful material package arrived, my daughter immediately dug into the set, with a utensil in each hand, waving as if she were an insane culinary genius standing over a gourmet cooktop. She asked if we could start cooking all right then-and how could I refuse, especially when the… Children’s set material was so cute and attractive? (Honestly, I was really jealous that my own kitchen utensils were so lacking in the coloring department!) We flipped over to our favorite pancake recipe and dived into cooking without further ado.

As advertised, the tools are the perfect size and weight for a young child’s hands, giving her a sense of balance and coordination as she goes about her pancake mixes. The finish of the utensils is matte and vibrantly tinted, but a bit more modern and stylish than primary colored tools. We also liked the soft feel of both the spatula and whisk, which made the cooking experience feel a little more luxurious. As for specific functionality, the whisk is specially designed for maximum aeration, while the spatula core provides more stability and structure.

Material Children's set unboxing - content
Thanks to Thao Thai

The Cook Deck (the deck that comes with the Kids Set) is that sweet bonus that completes the package. It includes high-quality color cards that kids are encouraged to collect to collect all the ingredients and processes needed to prepare one of the six recipes on the included recipe cards – or create their own recipe from scratch! There are 31 Ingredient cards, 26 Direction cards, 5 Equipment cards, and 6 Recipe cards. This is a tactile and tactile way for visual learners to understand step-by-step the mechanics of cooking a dish. The cooking deck is also one of those unexpected games to play during the inevitable rainy day slump!

After the pancakes, my daughter couldn’t wait to get back into the kitchen to resume sous chef duties. She offered to make a fruit salad which she mixed with the mini spatula. Later she beat me some eggs while I baked the quiche base in the oven. I won’t lie to you: cooking with kids isn’t a neat or necessarily quick experience. And that’s okay. As Byun says, “When I cook with my girls, we laugh, cringe, explore, and enjoy the discoveries (and even the mess) because we’re doing something together. With The Kids Set, we hope others can experience the same.”

It’s very simple: a cooking set made for children. But all the little design details and care put into these Material products make for an exceptional experience that will make our little one want to spend even more time in the kitchen. That’s an absolute win in my book. This set also makes a great gift for a budding chef! So bring on the chocolate chips and mess – we’re ready for all the cooking fun.

Children's set material

The children’s set from Material

Get a colorful cooking set for mini chefs that will fuel their creative whims and teach them valuable life skills. Each set comes with a whisk and spatula specially designed for little hands, as well as a colorful card game about cooking. Comes in four colorways.

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