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Lisa Conant

There are few inventions that have revolutionized the landscaping game quite like the leaf blower. If you have a ton of leaves, grass clippings, dirt, or other debris sullying the look of your yard, patio, porch, or driveway, using a leaf blower is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get rid of it. Unless you’re one of those folks who relishes spending countless hours every weekend trimming, grooming, and tidying your property the old-fashioned way, a leaf blower seems like a no-brainer when it comes to time-saving investments.

If you’re in the market for a new leaf blower, the options are numerous and diverse, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing some of the leg work for you. We’ve weeded (pun intended) through dozens of choices and come up with our top picks for the most reliable and effective leaf blowers.

Things to Consider When Buying a Leaf Blower

Power Source: You’ll have to decide if you want a battery-operated, corded electric, or gas-powered leaf blower. Each has pros and cons. Do you want the unlimited portability of a gas-powered leaf blower or the light weight and environmental friendliness of a corded or battery-operated leaf blower? 

Corded electric blowers plug into a standard 2- or 3-prong outlet, so the finite length of the cord requires the need for an extension cord. But because they lack a battery or fuel tank, these can be extremely lightweight. Cordless versions are convenient in that they provide freedom from the cord—meaning you can roam. But these can be heavier than corded versions due to the added batteries, which also need recharging between uses. 

Blowing Power: Leaf blowers come with different-sized motors that allow them to blow leaves and debris at different speeds and with different strengths. The amount of air volume emitted is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the greater the blowing power of your machine. Miles per hour (mph) is a measure of air speed. Both are important factors for leaf blowers: a higher mph rating will move surface leaves quickly, but a higher CFM rating will move more debris at once. That said, a higher CFM is often the way to go. If you have a large yard with lots of heavy, wet leaves or bigger pieces of debris, you’ll want to opt for a more powerful leaf blower.  

Leaf Blower Design: Typically, you can choose from three types of leaf blowers: handheld, backpack, or walk-behind. Consider the amount of space you need to clear. Is it large? Do you have a lot of patio space, walkway space, or a long driveway that may warrant a walk-behind blower? Or do you have a smaller space that is ideal for a lightweight handheld leaf blower?

Budget: Leaf blowers vary in price from reasonably affordable ones to splurge-y, long-term investments. Price is usually in direct correlation with the power, size, and capacity of the leaf blower. Sometimes setting your budget first can help you quickly narrow down your viable options.

Required Maintenance: If you’re not super psyched about doing regular maintenance on your leaf blower, consider an electric or battery-powered option. The more powerful and larger gas-powered leaf blowers will require at least a yearly tune-up to keep them running in tip-top shape.

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Our Picks

Top Pick

Black/green Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Leaf Blower

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series Leaf Blower

Best Leaf Blower Overall

In terms of the best overall user-friendliness, environmental impact, power, price tag, and warranty, our top overall pick has to be the Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series Leaf Blower. This cordless leaf blower features an emission-free and quiet operation with a noise level of only 57 decibels (about the same as the average household vacuum cleaner), so your neighbors will thank you. Considering it’s a battery-powered model, this leaf blower packs an impressive punch with a solid airflow rate of 730 CFM, while giving you up to 190 mph of wind velocity. That’s enough power to move some sizable or wet debris. The variable speed trigger lets you operate gently around delicate plants and flowers. 

This blower also features a fun cruise control option that lets you set the trigger without having to manually hold it down the whole time. For extra tough spots, there’s also a turbo button for max blasting, but don’t rely on it too much or you’ll be running back to the charger in a hurry. As it is, the battery only lasts 20–30 minutes. Luckily, this kit comes with two batteries, so you can swap them and keep going. The batteries do offer a quick recharge time of 40 minutes. 


  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Quiet operation


  • Limited run-time
  • Pricey
  • Not the most powerful



730 CFM

190 mph

Best Value

black BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum with orange handle

BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum

Best Budget Leaf Blower

If you’re looking for a great budget-friendly option that won’t sacrifice power for price, check out this BLACK+DECKER model. This lightweight unit features a surprising airflow rate of 400 CFM and an impressive wind velocity of up to 250 mph. As a bonus, this leaf blower also acts as a leaf vacuum and mulcher, making yard cleanup even easier. It has an operating noise level of 68 dB, which isn’t the quietest on the market but is still less offensive than most gas-powered blowers. This model is a corded electric blower, which is environmentally friendly with no emissions, but your operating range is limited by the length of your power cord.

The mulching function can grind up to 16 bags of leaves down to one compact size for easy disposal. It’s easy for the mulcher to get clogged, though, so be sure to regularly check that intakes and exhausts aren’t blocked. The drawback to this affordable choice is that the housing and accessories are made from plastic that doesn’t seem as rugged as it should be. Be careful when setting the unit down, as it doesn’t have a good way to balance it without having to lay it on its side.


  • Versatile 3-in-1 functionality
  • Powerful
  • Super affordable


  • Housing isn’t very durable
  • Plastic accessories break easily
  • Limited operation range due to cord length



400 CFM

250 mph


651 CFM & 233 MPH Echo 63.3cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Leaf Blower

Echo 63.3cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower

Best Premium Leaf Blower

The professional-grade Echo PB-755ST gas leaf blower combines range, power, and ruggedness in a relatively easy to use package. This gas-powered leaf blower has a serious wind velocity of 233 mph and an airflow rate of 651 CFM. The 67-ounce fuel tank is see-through and enough to clean some of the largest and most cluttered yards quickly and efficiently. This unit features a pleated, automotive-style air filter that gives impressive filtration and lasts longer than many others on the market. The tube-mounted throttle is easy to activate and control. This backpack-style blower also comes with generously padded shoulder straps to maximize comfort and minimize lower back strain while you’re using it, which is good, since this unit weighs more than 24 pounds, making it one of the more cumbersome blowers on the list.

We like that this blower is backed by a five-year warranty. The drawbacks? It’s expensive, compared to many others. It’s also noisier to operate and emits exhaust. Since it utilizes a two-stroke motor, it’s super powerful, but the gas does require premixing with the proper oil-to-fuel ratio, which is extra time consuming. It’s easy to appreciate the sheer quickness and power with which this unit will tidy up your landscape, though.


  • Long working range
  • Very strong wind velocity
  • 5-year warranty


  • Heavier and bulkier than others
  • Pricey
  • Noisier to operate than electric blowers



651 CFM

233 mph


red Toro Ultra Electric 12 Amp Blower/Vacuum/ Mulcher 51619

Worth A Look

DeWalt 12 AMP 409-CFM (DWBL700) Handheld Leaf Blower

DeWalt 12 AMP Corded Electric Handheld Leaf Blower

Best Electric Corded Leaf Blower

The DeWalt 12 AMP Corded Electric Handheld Leaf Blower is a top choice for corded electric leaf blowers. It’s a good choice for workers who need to clear debris inside and outside on a jobsite. Dust, sawdust, leaves, sand, and more are quickly removed with the help of up to 189 mph of wind power. This unit features a variable speed throttle that lets you lock in the wind speed without having to continuously hold the throttle down. It operates with the quietness that electric leaf blowers are known for but offers the strength and wind speed of a more powerful gas-powered blower.

This unit comes backed by a three-year warranty, but some customers have been unpleasantly surprised to learn that certain parts aren’t covered by it. This blower comes with interchangeable nozzles for a more customized and versatile use. Choose the standard round nozzle that gives you up to 145 mph, the flat concentrator nozzles to get up to 189 mph, or the 1-inch round concentrator nozzle for blowing out smaller spaces and crevices. 


  • Great for outdoor or indoor industrial use
  • Features a rugged and durable motor
  • Offers interchangeable nozzles for smaller jobs


  • Less streamlined design than some others
  • Noisier operation than some other electric options
  • Warranty is less than some other choices



409 CFM

189 mph

Also Tested

gray/orange Schröder Gas-Powered Backpack Blower

Schröder Gas-Powered Backpack Blower

Best Backpack Leaf Blower

The Schröder Gas-Powered Backpack Blower combines power, maneuverability, and precision engineering in a durable, dependable, and relatively lightweight commercial-grade backpack leaf blower. At less than 20 pounds, it’s one of the lighter-weight backpack options on the market. With 920 CFM and up to 230 mph of wind speed, this blower will quickly and thoroughly remove some of the heaviest and wettest debris from your lawn, patio, driveway, and garden. You can even use it to move snow off walkways in the winter if you don’t feel like shoveling. 

The nozzle-mounted variable speed throttle is placed well for just about any size user. This unit also features well-padded shoulder straps for added comfort and decreased fatigue. The 65-ounce fuel tank will let you clear large areas without limitation. As with many gas-powered backpack blowers, however, what you gain in power and range you pay for with noisier and smellier operation. This unit is also on the pricey side compared to many others. It is, however, backed by a solid five-year warranty to protect your investment and give you extra peace of mind.


  • Serious power
  • Lighter weight than some other backpack blowers
  • Larger fuel tank than many others


  • Expensive
  • Cumbersome to use
  • Gas exhaust emissions



920 CFM

230 mph

Worth A Look

Red/Yellow WORX WG520 Corded Turbine Blower

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

Best Leaf Blower For Cleaning Gutters

Very few individuals look forward to cleaning gutters, especially since it can be dangerous. If you do not have many needs for a leaf blower but cleaning your home gutters is one of them, then the Worx WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower is ideal for you to add to your power tool collection. With a CFM of 600, it packs more than enough airflow power. And though dealing with a cord can be frustrating when climbing up a ladder to clear your gutters, it’s a better compromise than carrying the additional weight of a battery or gas tank.

The gutter kit comes with an additional eight feet of blower tubes to attach to your Worx WG520. That’s enough length to clean the gutters of most homes without having to climb a ladder. It also comes with a useful collapsible yard waste bin that you can easily store when you’re not using it. The blower has two speed settings, which is less than some of the other electric models but enough to clear leaves on top of your home.


  • Extremely practical kit for cleaning gutters
  • Lightweight and easy to handle with one hand


  • Limited speed settings
  • Less mph than other models



600 CFM

110 mph



Is it better to have more CFM or more mph in a leaf blower? 

Both metrics are important, and it depends on the area you want to clear. Higher CFM will let you clear larger areas and push debris farther, while a higher mph rating will let you lift heavier, bulkier, and wet debris more easily.

Can you use a leaf blower in the rain?

While most leaf blowers feature rugged and durable designs, it’s best not to use them in the rain. Getting the inner components wet can short out the motor and electrical components and damage the blower. 

Can a leaf blower move stones?

Many leaf blowers are powerful enough to move gravel and stones, so be sure to wear protective eyewear during use. If you’re looking to move anything larger than driveway gravel, a typical leaf blower is unlikely to be strong enough to help.

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