Which Wallpaper Should You Choose For A Kitchen?

Wallpaper now invites itself into the kitchen. It dresses the walls with different patterns, textures and several varieties of colors. However, the kitchen is a room for which this wall covering should by no means be chosen at random. When bringing wallpaper into your kitchen, choose designs that are stain and spill resistant. It also enhances the decoration of this room if you know how to choose the appropriate colors and patterns.

The type of wallpaper to choose for a kitchen

Depending on its size and shape, the walls of a kitchen are daily subjected to splashes of water and grease. The elements that decorate this room are often put to the test, especially if they are on the walls. Therefore, the wallpaper that is on the walls should be easy to maintain and moisture resistant.

the vinyl wallpaper better meets these criteria. In comparison to other materials that go into making this wallcovering, this type offers good resistance to splashes and stains. Vinyl is also washable and has good resistance thanks to its PVC layer. If the surface where the laying takes place is without irregularities and properly prepared, choose classic vinyl.

You can also choose the non-woven wallpaper which results from compressed textile fibers and assembled paper support. It offers good resistance for use in a kitchen and has the advantage of being available in several patterns.

There is also what is called the washable wallpaper which should not be confused with vinyl wallpaper. This type has the advantage of being very easy to wash. Use a sponge or a simple damp cloth and it regains its initial appearance in no time. It is also more resistant to stains and spills.

From an aesthetic point of view, these wallpapers can adopt several colors and different patterns, including the panoramic models that you will find on this page: https://www.photowall.fr/papers-peints-panoramiques/nature/landscapes-and-scenes. It remains to know how to adapt your decoration to that of this wall covering.

Kitchen wallpaper and decor

Nowadays, wallpaper is no longer limited to covering the walls of a living room or a bedroom in a house. The kitchen now benefits from its practical advantages and especially from its decorative aspects. Need originality in this piece? The wallpaper meets different needs and corresponds to several varieties of tastes, coming in several types on the market.

Some models have simple patterns, while others represent real works of art that make every kitchen original. You can adopt a warm, joyful, daring, design or refined decoration if you choose the appropriate wallpaper patterns.

For this room to have a connection with the other rooms of the house, choose a plain wallpaper, with wood or concrete effect. This type of coating has the advantage of blending into the decor without difficulty.

Otherwise, where you want to separate your kitchen from other rooms in the house, choose a model brightly colored or made of patterns that distinguish this space. Also know that the panoramic wallpaper has the advantage of emphasizing the transition from one space to another and highlights the change of area.

The color and patterns of kitchen wallpaper

The color of the wallpaper should be in harmony with the colors of the interior of your kitchen currently. Whether it’s your countertop, furniture, cupboards orspice rackcare should be taken to harmonize colors. However, to avoid a boring visual aspect that obstructs the view in the long run, avoid combining more than three colors in this room.

When it comes to patterns, there is something to suit all tastes. The floral patterns, although we are not used to seeing them in the kitchen, bring freshness to the decoration of this room. The floral motif is an asset in a kitchen with a modern and original style.

The wallpapers gourmet prints are also very trendy these days. They make you want to eat thanks to the colorful drawings of pastries, fruits or vegetables that they display. The geometric patterns also give modern style to this piece. They give an original touch to your decoration.

A wallpaper with vintage patterns gives 50s style to a kitchen. If your furniture also has the same style, then this room takes you back to another era every time you spend your hours there.

To give a chic and elegant touch to your decoration, choose the marble pattern which is also very fashionable at the moment. As for the brick patternit gives an industrial style to the room and the wallpaper with this pattern comes in different colors.

You can also opt for childish patterns if you want to bring this environment to your kitchen. The youngest can only appreciate your decoration.

Choose wallpaper according to the size of the kitchen

For a spacious kitchen, you have the freedom to choose colors and patterns to suit your taste. You just have to consider advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper before making your choice so as not to get tired of your decoration too quickly.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is narrow and you want to enlarge it visually, then give the impression of depth to the room by choosing light wallpaper for one wall and dark for another. Similarly, to enlarge your kitchen, choose a coating with patterns for one wall and for the wall opposite plain wallpaper.

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