▷ Our Tips For Creating Your Own Recipe Book

Although opinions differ during food debates, we all agree on one point: a homemade dish is healthier, tastier and allows for diversified meals. Do you like to cook and want to immortalize the exceptional moments you spent achieving your culinary exploits? So, create your recipe book that incorporates your own recipes and photos of the dishes you have made in illustration. Here are our tips to ensure that this adventure gives you a real moment of pleasure.

Why create your own cookbook?

A recipe book created by you allows you toimmortalize every moment you spend making your dishes. Whether you invented the recipes by yourself, whether they are family recipes or whether you found them in magazines, as long as you enjoyed making them, they find their place there.

This book can be personalized according to your taste when you include your recipes and photos of the preparation as well as the dishes made. In any case, it is not limited to fulfill your passions for the culinary artsbut it is also an ideal gift idea that transmits your know-how from generation to generation.

Creating a cookbook does not require a lot of experience or a large investment. Just follow a few steps. You even have the choice to start by creating a cheap photo book with your cookbook to get an idea of ​​the result you can have with a personalized recipe book.

Some ideas for organizing your cookbook

There are no hard and fast rules on how a cookbook should be organized. To have a result that meets your expectations, you just have to start by defining the reason why you want to create the book. Among these reasons are the desire to offer it to someone, to pass on family recipes to future generations, to follow a special diet in order to share it or to sell.

When the reason for creating the book is defined, then it is easier to organize it. In this organization, you have the choice of start your work with easy recipes and then move on to the more complicated ones.

You also have the option of start with recipes with few ingredients to then move on to those where it takes a lot to make the preparation. It is also common to start the book with recipes that are prepared quickly to then move on to those that take a lot of time.

For a large number of books, the book is also organized in such a way as to respect the order of the meals, starting with the starters, passing through the main courses and ending with the desserts. Some authors also get into the habit of organizing their books according to all diets, starting with recipes for everyone and ending with those intended for vegans.

In addition, other books classify the recipes by category: family dishes, dishes for special occasions, the great classics, dishes for parties, or exotic dishes.

The steps of the actual creation of the recipe book

To start, group the recipes you want to include in your book and sort by category according to the organization of the book you have chosen. Once they are ready, set them aside and do a little intro which includes your introduction and the reason for creating this book.

Then, take each recipe according to its place in the book and indicate for each the ingredients, the utensils to be used, the preparation time, the details of the preparation, the duration and the cooking temperature.

After this step, select illustration photos that you are going to include. Among these should be images of each dish and if possible, images of the preparation as well.

Then go to the layout by choosing the text font, colors and style that suits your taste and that of those for whom the book is intended.

Finally, take the time to take care of the cover and the last page of the book. Choose the image or images that should be included. They should attract attention and make you want to discover the content of the book while remaining uncluttered. Also pay attention to how you insert texts that should be short to harmonize the presentation.

There are many online apps and tools these days that help you create your cookbook easily for a professional result. You just choose a theme. You insert your recipes and photos with all the customizations you want to make to the book. The tool does the layout automatically, but you can also customize it.

Some tips for successful food photos to include in the book

For professional-looking photos in your cookbook, opt for the natural light, because the flash or other artificial light may cause the depth of the captured photos to fade. Place the item to be photographed near a natural light source such as a window for best results. For photography enthusiasts, it is the morning light that makes it easy to successfully light a photo.

To have the angle that enhances your food photos, take the capture from all angles. Especially flat-looking foods should be picked up from the top and bulky ones should be taken from the sides.

Finally, don’t forget to work the atmosphere in which the photo is located. Your photos hold more attention if they tell a story to those viewing the book. Add for example a hand approaching a electric mixerraw ingredients, a little sprinkled flour or a little fresh herbs around the finished dish to make the image tell that story.

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