▷ Our Tips for Taking Food Photos Like the Pros

You are a pro in the culinary field or you are just a person passionate about the culinary arts. It’s been a while since you wanted to get started on social networks or in a blog to share your experiences, your know-how and your passion for cooking. Only here, you do not have a lot of budget to allocate to a professional photographer to take beautiful photos. This article is for you.

Why images are important for your advertising

Even if your main goal is not really to advertise yourself or earn money, even if you don’t want to start like a pro in the field, publishing beautiful photos is still essential if you want that we follow you in the networks. Because, let’s admit it, what’s the point of creating accounts, sharing your passion if no one follows you.

Pictures are worth much more than just words or recipes that are presented to the public. What’s more, we’re still talking about culinary art. The photos catch the eye, arouse curiosity and make you want to try the recipe. Then, the images remain engraved in the memories. If an Internet user stumbles upon your blog or your Instagram, and your photos attract him, he will remember it and want to come back to read it better and perhaps try the recipe. To achieve this, you can take ready-made photos on https://fr.depositphotos.com/stock-photography.htmlwhich is an image bank platform, or learn how to take beautiful shots on your own.

If you are a pro in the field, know that the photos you publish determine your brand image. Nobody may know you, but through your photos, we can get an idea of ​​who you are, what you like to do, your style of cooking, your way of cooking, etc.

In short, taking photos like a pro is essential to succeeding on the Internet. As you have probably noticed, more and more food bloggers are using Instagram to make a name for themselves, and are striving to publish magnificent photos, which they nevertheless take…just with their Smartphone.

Minimalism and colors

Minimalism is very trendy these days. And many professional photographers advocate it. Even in interior decoration, we are getting into it more and more. For food photos, and this is also curious, the more minimal it is, the more we see that the dish is sophisticated. In reality, this trend puts more emphasis on the ingredients themselves, more than the accessories that fill the photo. Sometimes a tablecloth as a background, a plate with the dish and a fork are enough to impress.

On the other hand, everything is played in the colors. It is essential to have beautiful contrasts, while keeping the initial color of each ingredient. Would not change a thing. It’s all about staying authentic in your posts. Before taking the photos, look at your dish again. What ingredients is it made of? And what are the colors of these? It is according to this that you will draw your background, and decide where you will take the photo. Make sure the background color matches the color of your dish, while keeping it minimal.

The luminosity

Whether you use a smartphone or a professional device to take your photos, brightness is always very important. Daylight is the sweetest that can be used for a food photo. Be sure to do your workouts during the day. If you are in a rather dark place, you can use the flash which will bring more brightness to your photos. Flash can also be used for photographic flair rather than just enhancing clarity. This style makes it possible to highlight the dish and its colors, to give a more pronounced outline of it.


We talked about it above, but this part deserves that we spread out a little bit. Of course, when making photos you will need backgrounds, some texture on the back of the main element. The funds are not there to be highlighted, but on the contrary to highlight what you present. They can be a simple tablecloth, a pretty gray floor, a slate plate which will also be the support for your preparation, why not books just behind the plate.

Some would put the ingredients as a fund, it can be eggs, a bowl of flour, vegetables. Everything is possible, let your imagination run wild. The only rule, however, is stay in the tone of the color and in the theme of the dish. Do not overdo it either, because too many elements will disturb the view of your preparation.

Present photos on neat, non-messy backgrounds. You probably want to make a good impression. Above all, do not capture your messy work plan with your cookware for example. Even if you want to remain authentic, there are limits that should not be crossed.

A little advice, before taking photos with backgrounds of fresh products such as fruits or vegetables, refresh them first with a food sprayer. You will see that your photos will be better and your dishes will make you want to taste them.


Whether you are a professional photographer or a simple amateur who has a good smartphone, you would certainly like to make small adjustments to your photos. The existence of different filter applications in current phones makes us become addicted to photo editing. However, when you want to present your creations, you have to remain authentic. Filters exist to accentuate an atmosphere that we want to convey, however when we use them too much, we can easily lose our identity and that of our creations. Filters should therefore not be abused, but used wisely.

Try using more professional tools like Adobe’s Lightroom to touch up the brightness of your photos. For collages, free online software like Canva or Picmonkey are available to everyone. However, as mentioned above, keep the main colors of your dish as much as possible so your readers don’t get lost.

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