▷ What are the benefits of eating healthy and balanced?

We will never stop saying it, eating well is not synonymous with eating everything you see. Even though many dishes are delicious and mouth-watering, that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. If you want to improve yours, you will have to learn to rebalance your diet and choose what you eat. But what does it mean and what are the benefits of doing so?

Everything you need to know about a balanced diet

A good diet is a balanced diet. But balanced in what sense? In every sense of the word in reality, because the harmony of our body in general comes from our balance. It is not often easy to find this balance, especially when the rhythm of our daily life forces us to prepare our meals quickly or to choose « fast foods » which are in the long run harmful to our health. Here are some principles of a balanced diet.

Food from different food groups

For our body to work well and for our metabolism to go well, we must provide our body with everything it needs on a daily basis through the foods we eat. Thus, we must provide macronutrients that are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In addition to this, our body also needs vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium. It also naturally needs water. All this must constitute our food.

It is the quantities that vary. Thus, half of our plate must be made up of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates such as cereals or potatoes for a quarter of it, and finally proteins (meat or eggs) for the other quarter. We must also consume dairy products to provide calcium to our body. The lipids that we ingest must come from good fats such as those from fish or vegetable oils such as olive or avocado.

If really, you find it difficult to put all this together on a daily basis, you can opt for solutions like Juice Plus+, which offers products combining 30 fruits and vegetables in one capsule.

With the pace of life we ​​have on a daily basis, it can be difficult to gather enough varied foods to have all the nutrients our bodies need every day. In addition, we often lack the time to make different preparations that allow us to eat both healthy and balanced. This is where the advantage of Juice Plus+ products lies. Taking a concentrate of several fruits, vegetables and berries through each capsule makes it possible to cover this need daily.

Juice Plus+ products do not completely replace a balanced diet. Thus, it is always advisable to eat fresh foods. However, they effectively support your diet when you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet. In effect, each capsule is rich in vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay healthy.

These products are also rich in powerful antioxidants to provide better protection for your body against free radical damage. Antioxidants are mostly found in fruits and vegetables and by offering different kinds, Juice Plus+ products help you get plenty of them.

To cover their needs, an adult should take 2 capsules of Juice Plus+ per day with plenty of water, while for a child up to 13 years old, just one per day is enough.

A reasonable amount of food

Normally, we should stop eating when we are no longer hungry. Otherwise, it would be gluttony. The products with which you prepare your meals must be fresh. Opt for local products rather than industrial preserves. On your plate, keep fruits and vegetables in reasonable quantities.

delicious food

Naturally, we reject what we don’t like and this is also valid for food. Do not hesitate to add herbs, seasonings of all kinds to your dishes to enhance the taste and make you want to eat them.

The benefits of a balanced diet

Eating healthy and balanced prevents certain diseases

When we eat balanced, we also balance our weight. In addition to having all the necessary nutrients in our body, we also refine ourselves especially when we know how to stop when we are full, or when we reduce high calorie foods. And we all know that being overweight leads to a lot of diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Eating a balanced diet prevents high blood pressure, but also certain cancers.

A balanced diet promotes good digestion

When you eat a healthy diet, your gut health improves. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit and digestion. But in addition to this, they contribute to the proper development of intestinal bacteria or probiotics, necessary to improve transit. Similarly, some dairy products like yogurts also work in the same way.

A balanced diet eliminates stress and promotes sleep

Stress is favored by different factors. Food is one of them. We are more prone to stress, not only because of our pace of life, but also because of poor nutrition. Meals that are too copious and too fatty do not promote harmony in the body and cause sleep disorders leading to stress.

If you don’t have time to prepare fresh and varied meals to avoid stress, Juice Plus+ products do just that. It is the ideal companion for people who are often stressed by providing all the plant nutrients and vitamins that help cope with stress.

Food rebalancing can improve our cognitive abilities

Vary what you put on your plate, and you will see that your concentration and memory will be boosted. Studies have shown that foods like fish and avocados contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) which are necessary for proper brain development. On the contrary, meals from fast foods rather promote depression and anxiety when ingested continuously.

Some practical tips for adopting this lifestyle

Plan your meals in advance

Disorganization is the number one enemy of poor nutrition. If you want to start adopting this lifestyle, have a small notebook with you and write down the meals you want to prepare in advance. Also note the ingredients and buy them the day before or at the beginning of the week. This way, you will never be caught off guard and tempted to buy frozen meals from the supermarket.

Pay attention to the cooking of food

Prefer cooking at a low temperature so that all the nutrients in your food are preserved. Reduce the use of microwaves. Grill occasionally and not frequently. You can still use a blender for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat mindfully

Appreciate every morsel of food you ingest. Eat slowly and take the time to detect every subtle flavor in your meal.

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