▷ Dishwasher Cleaning: How To Do It?

The dishwasher has this tendency to get dirty quickly. Thus, to prolong its durability over time, it must be taken care of. In this article, you will find various tips for successful cleaning of this machine.

Focus on essential equipment

The dishwasher is an essential kitchen machine. However, it is often subject to dirt due to the accumulation of residues from powders, tablets and grease. To overcome this problem, simply clean the washing machine thoroughly using the right products and the right materials. You will therefore need white vinegar, dish soap and baking soda. You also need a dishwashing brush to scrub the unit properly.

To obtain a better rendering, we advise you to act once a month. By adopting this regular cleaning system, you will bring good hygiene to your device. Since the door seals get dirty quickly, they must be cleaned with a sponge soaked in washing-up liquid. Do not forget the frame as well as the interstices to obtain a breathtaking result.

You say to yourself: my dishwasher washes badly, how can I fix it? To do this, start by scouring the filter. The task is simple. First of all, pull out the bottom drawer and quickly check the condition of the tank. Make sure there is no food debris. Generally, the filter may contain shards of glass, bones or even small pieces of gravel. We will have to expect the worst! However, be aware that this is the most important step in cleaning the dishwasher. If you let the debris invade the filter, it could damage the pump, clog the evacuation or downright scratch the machine. Remove the filters and clean them with hot water. To restore them to good condition, use a brush and washing-up liquid.

But how do you unclog a dishwasher? In doing so, you must remove the various elements of the device. Then take a container and mix boiling water and soda in it. Then, pour the solution into the cavity where the filter is housed. Leave on for 5 minutes. To evacuate the liquid, do not hesitate to turn the machine upside down. All you have to do is pour hot water into it. Repeat the operation before replacing the two spray arms, the filter and the grid. Note that it is possible to use an appropriate dishwasher cleaner.

White vinegar: the ideal ally for cleaning up the dishwasher

As you know very well, white vinegar is a very popular product in terms of cleaning. Obviously, he has a strong descaling and cleaning power. If you want to get more out of this substance, here are the different steps to follow.

  • Take a bowl in which you will pour about 25 cl of white vinegar.
  • Open the dishwasher and place the container on the top drawer.
  • Set the machine temperature to maximum.
  • Go for a quick empty cycle, making sure to leave the bowl with the white vinegar in it.

This technique makes it easy to eliminate musty odors and also facilitates the removal of grease, in particular through its disinfecting and cleaning properties.

What about bicarbonate?

Once you have cleaned the dishwasher with vinegar, you can now take a good handful of baking soda and scatter it on the bottom of the machine. Then, set the dishwasher temperature to maximum before performing a new empty cycle. Thanks to its sanitizing and absorbing property, baking soda will effectively remove the last traces of dirt from the machine. It also helps to deodorize it.

Allow your dishwasher to rest after running through the two aforementioned products. Then, be sure to open the appliance door a crack so that the steam can escape. This approach also speeds up the drying time of the interior. Finally, use a soft cloth or tea towel to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces. You will see that your machine will be clean and shiny!


The method used not only cleans the dishwasher, but also gets rid of bad smells. You will notice that it will smell clean! Also note that by following the above-mentioned steps, you will allow the machine to work well. In turn, you will save money on the electricity and water bill. Don’t worry, this technique works perfectly for newer and older models.

Some additional tips

You might be wondering how to clean a washing machine? You can of course use the two aforementioned products starting with 1L of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Adjust the temperature to 90° for 1 to 2 minutes and stop the machine. Leave for 1 hour before activating the full cleaning cycle. Note that you can also opt for using washing machine cleaner.

Regarding the dishwasher, here are some additional tips that will help keep it in good condition.

  • Use hot water from the beginning of the wash cycle so that the machine can effectively clean the dishes or your cookware.
  • Choose the right temperature. To get clean dishes, it is important to find the right balance. Clearly, it is better to adjust the temperature of the water heater to 50°C. If it is too hot, it could cause a household accident.
  • Fill your dishwasher well before starting it. This technique aims to reduce water and electricity consumption. Remember to space each item well apart so the sprinklers can take care of it.
  • Although the dishes should be rinsed first, it would be better to leave a small amount of grease on them so that the detergents can do their job properly.
  • Start your garbage disposal before you start your dishwasher.
  • To descale the dishwasher, simply run it empty with a little white vinegar.

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