▷ Plancha Preparation Ideas: Fish, Meat, Vegetables

The plancha is a device widely used during an event or an evening. Versatile, it allows you to concoct a multitude of foods. It also offers them a developed fragrance and an original taste. In this article, you will find some ideas for preparations to be made on the plancha.

La plancha: an overview of its origins

Born towards the end of the Middle Ages, the plancha was used by pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. They then used a steel or cast iron plate to cook between two steps. They carried the device during their journey. During the meal, they placed the planchas directly on the very hot embers, and voila! These individuals also concocted different types of dishes of better quality. At 19e century, cooking a la plancha has become essential. She was in high demand during the holidays. Something to delight the taste buds!

In Spanish, “plancha” translates to plank. Also, it represents the cooking mode and the plate. Little by little, this kitchen utensil has taken an important place in the world of cooking. Established in Spanish culture, it eventually reached Europe. Today, many great chefs use it. Several homes have also embarked on the acquisition of this device. The latter accompanies them in the gardens or at the edge of the beach during the summer.

Successfully cooking meat on the plancha

Are you looking for a plancha recipe that could impress your guest? To revive your taste buds, we suggest you concoct marinated chicken à la plancha. In order to enhance the flavor of the meat, just use green pepper, red pepper, sweet paprika, lemon and olive oil.

For more originality, however, the Lao-style grilled beef tongue will do the trick. If you want to please your children or your friends, don’t hesitate to concoct a plancha hamburger. Finally, know that the Magrets with porcini mushrooms with chestnut sauce perfect for fall.

The skewer is a friendly plancha recipe. You have the possibility to vary the preparations according to your personal tastes. We therefore advise you to bet on skewers of duck hearts or skewers with oriental flavors. The latter are born from a mixture of cumin, minced garlic and harissa. You can of course diversify the meat marinades. The pesto is one of the most recommended.

Poultry and chicken are also suitable for cooking a la plancha. These meats mix well with mint or banana. To bring back some freshness, however, lime will do the trick. Also, be aware that the skewers of veal, duck, pork, mutton and lamb work very well. Some meats pair well with peaches and oranges, while others pair well with herbs.

Concoct seafood and fish a la plancha

During the summer, many homes regularly organize convivial moments with loved ones. To seduce them, there is nothing better than preparing fish à la plancha. Apart from the flavor of the latter, it also has several nutritional qualities.

You can choose the type of fish to feature and how you will spread it on the kitchen utensil. You have, for example, the possibility of concocting grilled bonito steaks, skewers of white fish, and many more. To go further, we recommend that you favor the pierrade of fish, consisting of salmon, swordfish, shark, etc. Then, mix a piece of fresh ginger, fresh coriander, two large tomatoes, a lime and two cloves of garlic as a sauce.

Would you like to concoct a gourmet fish dish? Opt for the red mullet fillets by marinating them beforehand in a mixture of garlic cloves, a drizzle of olive oil, chopped parsley, and cherry tomatoes. Sole a la plancha butter meunière will also do the trick. For the preparation, you need 60 g of butter, the juice of ½ lemon and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley. To make this fish dish a success, be sure to dip the sole in olive oil and season it well.

Apart from grilled fish, shellfish are also suitable for cooking on the plancha. To enjoy your day in the sun, go for the mussels. The spiced shrimp will also make your mouth water. Squid and prawns also work. Do not forget to think of a good original marinade to have an explosion in your mouth.

Prepare vegetables on the plancha

Vegetables are one of the best accompaniments to the plancha. To lighten or enhance the taste of the meats of your choice, orient yourself a little more towards peppers that you will marinate beforehand in vinegar, garlic and olive oil. You can also choose carrots macerated with red pepper, wine vinegar, oregano, olive oil and sugar. Champignon mixed with shallots, lemon, balsamic vinegar, chopped basil and olive oil may also appeal to you.

The gas griddle can accommodate vegetable skewers, eggplant, potatoes or zucchini. All you have to do is brown them well, and you’re done!

Finally, if you are looking for a better idea for a plancha party, you can surprise your guests with your dessert. Indeed, know that apart from grilled fish, fruits are also compatible with the latter. Opt preferably for seasonal fruits such as pear, pineapple, strawberry and apple. It is advisable to grill them well on your utensil.

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