▷ Esta Application And Discover The Typical Dishes Of The United States

A trip to the United States would be less pleasant if you don’t spend time tasting the country’s culinary specialties. A cuisine rich in history and plurality, it brings together European, Asian and Amerindian specialties. Today, you can enjoy America and its gastronomy even more thanks to ESTA, an authorization to travel to the USA without a Visa.

ESTA, simplified procedure for the United States

Traveling to the United States has become easier since the appearance of ESTA. It’s about a electronic travel authorization which allows you to travel to the USA, even without a visa. With this system, the US government can indeed preserve their internal security and maintain public order. He can refuse undesirable travelers even before they board for America.

The procedure for requesting ESTA for the United States is quick and easy. You must complete the ESTA form on the Internet, payment is made online of course either by Visa card or by bank card, or by Mastercard or by PayPal, and then, the allocation of the ESTA is confirmed by e-mail. and SMS.

An ESTA authorization is valid for business and tourist trips, and from the moment of its attribution, it is valid for up to two years. Each stay can last a maximum of 90 days. The ESTA has many advantages: first, its application is faster, simpler and more economical compared to that of the visa.

Then, if you want to apply for a visa, you still have to make an appointment at the consulate to file the application, whereas with ESTA, you just have to fill out the form on the Internet. Finally, in an urgent case, the ESTA travel authorization can be approved within an hour of payment of the fees.

The culinary specialties of the United States

Take advantage of your ESTA authorization to travel to the USA and discover the culinary specialty American. A rich and varied gastronomy, which deserves to be considered during your next stay in the United States.

Among the many American culinary specialties, the hamburger is unavoidable. Your trip to the United States would be incomplete if you did not taste a hamburger. It is these two round-shaped buns topped with steak, raw vegetables and sauce. Almost all American fast food restaurants and restaurants offer it. Indeed, it is the national dish in the United States, the favorite dish of Americans.

Cheesecake is a culinary specialty of the United States, a variety of cheesecake, made from an amalgam of fresh cheese, sugar and eggs, flavors of vanilla, lemon peel, on a cookie crust. You must imperatively include this sweet dessert in your culinary journey, during your trip to the United States.

Of all American culinary specialties, the Apple Pie or apple pie is the most typical and emblematic. This dessert was imported by European settlers to the United States, and is one of the symbols of America. Apple pie is offered on the menu by almost all American restaurants. It can be declined in several ways: puff pastry, shortbread, shortcrust pastry, with or without cream, more or less spices in the filling, etc. What is certain is that she is known as being the official dessert of the United States.

  • Clam chowder

For an enriched culinary trip to America, don’t forget the clam chowder or the  »clam chowder ». This is a traditional soup originating in the northeast of the country, especially New England. It is mainly composed of potatoes, salt pork, onions and clams.

Okra is a dish not to be missed if you are in Louisiana. A specialty of the region, it isa soup-stew composed of meats or shellfish, strongly flavored broth, vegetables and a thickening.

Visit the United States differently

Everyone knows a little bit of the United States even without having been there yet! We often see emblematic places like the  »White House », the Statue of Liberty, the  »central park », etc. in the cinema. Besides, big cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York are also known and popular. However, the USA has some great surprises in store for those with a taste for adventure.

  • Havasu Canyon Hike

Havasu Canyon is home to 5 large waterfalls and turquoise blue natural pools calling for swimming, real paradise places. They are below the rim of the Grand Canyon, about 900 m. Hiking the Havasu Trail is one of the must do adventures in the USA.

  • Road trip on route 66

We hear it in the songs, we see it in the movies, route 66 is the most popular route in North America. 4000 km crossing the country from northeast to southeast, it attracts more and more road trip enthusiasts. It is an incredible route, surrounded by beautiful landscapes worthy of postcards. There are huge cities, cactus forests, deserts, canyons and rivers, nature reserves,…. North America has plenty of surprises in store for you through this mythical road that is Route 66.

A veritable oasis of greenery in the California desert, Palm Springs is a mythical city located 2 hours by road from Los Angeles. This capital of glamor offers many tourist assets: a vintage setting, an ideal climate all year round, cacti and palm trees, sand dunes… not to mention the various activities that can be practiced there such as golf, tennis, cycling, horse riding, hiking, etc.

In short, discover the United States differently, dare the adventure and enjoy a culinary journey with ESTA USA. America is so vast and full of surprises. You will spend pleasant and unforgettable stays, whatever your tastes.

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