What Can Help With Depression? – TOP REVIEW

One word we are hearing a lot these days is ‘Depression.’ In simple words, depression is a feeling of sadness and hopelessness without any apparent reason. Let’s learn about what can help with depression?

There are many factors playing a role in depression, but today we will talk about the Management of Depression in the long term.

The question is, ‘ Can we prevent depression with lifestyle changes? ‘

The simple answer is ‘Yes.’ The physiological change in depression decreases in some select chemicals in the brain called ‘Neurotransmitters,’ e.g., Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine.

So any activity or food which will increase these neurotransmitters will help to reduce depression. Eating food contains Serotonin and dopamine shows decrease chances of depression in various studies.

So first thing we can do is start eating those foods regularly, which contains Serotonin and dopamine, and we can reduce depression. Following are the food items contains Serotonin (The most Important neurotransmitter in depression).

  • Almonds.
  • Walnuts.
  • Pecan.
  • Avocado.
  • Kiwi fruit.
  • Plums.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Pumpkin seeds.

These are the main items with the highest quantity of serotonin in them. That’s why they are Natural Anti Depressants.

Having this food in your diet regularly would be the first step towards beating Depression. Many other things can increase your serotonin other than food. Let’s talk about them.

  • Exercise.
  • Social relationship.
  • Professional life.
  • Tourism.
  • Mind exercises.

Exercise is the most beneficial, above all, in releasing serotonin and reducing Depression. Exercise does not increase serotonin levels only but also various types of chemicals and helps the body in various ways.

We will discuss the Physiologic response of exercise some other day. But exercising three times a week for at least 30 minutes will reduce the chances of Depression by more than 50%.

Which exercise would be most effective?

Any exercise would do the trick, but here are some exercises by their level of effectiveness in Depression.

  • Yoga.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Running.
  • Weight lifting.

Yoga is most effective in reducing depression and makes you feel happy. Any yoga would do the trick. At last, here are some advice that will help you in your daily life to combat depression.

  • Do does not follow the same routine every day.
  • Socialize with positive people as much as you can.
  • Do not care about what others think about you.
  • Try to overcome your fears by doing them.
  • Visit new places once in a while.

These changes in your life would help prevent/reduce depression, but if you already have ‘Major Depressive disorder,’ we have to go for other treatments than a lifestyle. Here are the treatment options for people already diagnosed with depression.

  1. Behavioural therapy.
  2. Pharmacological therapy, e.g., SSRIs.
  3. Electroconvulsive therapy.

Behavioural therapy means reducing depression by psychological evaluation by the psychiatrist. SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) is the most effective class of drugs in curing depression. e.g., Fluoxetine.

Electroconvulsive therapy is spared for severe disorders with a high risk of suicide.

At last, my advice for you is to keep sharing your emotions with your friends and family and try to listen to them also. You can diagnose a patient of depression with his/her actions.

He/She will be less socially active than before and often talks about Hopelessness if life suicide ( if moderate to severe). Try to help them before it’s too late.

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