Probiotics For Men – TOP REVIEW

We always heard of antibiotics which kills the bacteria in our body and cures many infections. But today, we are going to talk about something opposite and surprising i.e Probiotics.

Probiotics are the products that increases the amount of bacteria in our gut. It must feel surprising to most of us but the thing is , there are many good bacteria in our body especially in our intestine, which helps us in various ways. For example,

  1. Aids digestion.
  2. Fight with bad bacteria.
  3. Production of Vit K.

These good bacteria are in millions in our body and are called Normal flora.

When we take

When we take antibiotics, some of those medications start killing our normal flora also, and that is the reason we should give probiotics along with Antibiotics to save our normal flora and to kill only invading bacterias.

How important for men

Probiotics are very important for men as they improve our immune system and produce Vitamins especially Vitamin K and deficiency of Vit K in our body can lead to bleeding in several parts of our body.

That is the reason newborn babies are injected with Vitamin K because they do not have enough normal flora at birth.

If someone takes heavy Antibiotics with no Probiotic, this could lead to the death of the normal flora and infection with new bacteria which were stopped by the normal flora before and the infection is called Psuedo-membranous Colitis.

The drug of choice is Metronodazole or Vancomycin. There are many cases of diarrhea in men after antibiotics intake and most of them settles after probiotics and metronidazole.

The good thing is probiotics have no side effect and they are only normal flora or good bacteria required by our body and anyone can take these medications.

One sachet of probiotics should be dissolved in water and drink once in a day for 5 to 7 days. Tablet form is also available and can be taken one tablet per day for 5 to 7 days.

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