Cheap High Protein Foods – TOP REVIEW

Every bodybuilder needs an effective and safe protein supplementation plan. If you want to burn fat, build muscle and raise your metabolism then you need protein. It is critical to your overall health that you get enough protein in your body.

Protein is the most essential component of our body. It does not only help in building muscles but also in various metabolic processes with the help of basic components of proteins i.e Amino acid.

Sometimes Protein can be expensive when we buy it in the form of powder etc but let’s don’t forget that there are natural foods stuffed with proteins and that can help us achieve our protein goals and that too with a very lower price. So, let’s discuss this one by one.

Best cheap high protein foods

1. Quinoa

Once upon a time quinoa as a superfood, but now it’s little more than a side dish on the average Aussie’s plate.

Protein in 100 grams: 13.1 grams.

2. Tofu

It’s the savior of many a vegetarian’s diets, but tofu could also make a

Protein in 100 grams: 12 grams.

3. Almonds

A 400-gram packet of unsalted almonds will set you back around $9, which means you’ll have a week’s worth of snacks on hand with the upward potential of around 84 grams of protein.

Protein in 100 grams: 21 grams.

4. Steak

Everybody loves a steak dinner, and while it is packed with protein, it’s not your cheapest option.

Protein in 100 grams: 25 grams.

5. Whey protein

It’s deliberately designed to boost your diet and one of the purest form of protein

Protein in 100 grams: 70 grams and amount of protein for $1: 10.5 grams.

6. Tempeh

Tempeh seems to make it onto every list of common, nutritious foods – and for good reason.

Protein in 100 grams: 19 grams.

7. Swiss cheese

Despite being part of the protein-packed dairy family, Swiss cheese is often overlooked when it comes to choosing muscle-building foods.

Protein in 100 grams: 27 grams.

8. Beef mince

Whether you’re meal-prepping for the week or day, it is the choice for you.

Protein in 100 grams: 14 grams.

9. Greek yogurt

Equally perfect for both breakfast and dessert, Greek yogurt is a wonderful addition to your diet if you do any kind of high-intensity strength training.

Protein in 100 grams: 10 grams.

10. Eggs

There’s no bodybuilding staple in history more recognizable than the humble egg. From tales of raw egg shakes to scoffing down a dozen eggs with breakfast, everybody loves the estimated 10 grams of protein inside two eggs. Depending on who you buy from, a dozen eggs will set you back around $5.

Protein in 100 grams: 13 grams.

11. Beef liver

Offal might not be what your mind immediately thinks of when you run over the grocery list for optimum muscle building, but cuts like tongue and cheek offer a lot of protein at fairly lowly prices.

Protein in 100 grams: 26 grams.

How much protein my body needs?

If you’re looking to start a business, a side hustle, or even just expand your current income, one of the most important things to consider is how much protein you need in a day. There are several factors that determine this, and for many people it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what their personal needs are. For better understanding consult with us at we guide you according to your body.

What is the best time to take protein?

There is no one best time to take protein. The best time to take protein depends on your situation. If you run a lot, then you should increase your protein intake at night. If you are a training athlete, then you should take protein throughout the day in case you don’t get enough calories from your diet.

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