best mouthwash for bad breath – TOP REVIEW

Many of us use the phrase “I Stink” in our daily life to tell people how bad we are at some particular activity. But let me tell you something, it is okay to use that phrase figuratively than actually having bad breath.

Halitosis is a scientific word for bad breath or smell coming out of your mouth when speak or opens your mouth. There are few reasons for bad breath but sometimes it does not have any known cause, and that makes it worse.

One of the most common reasons for halitosis or bad breath is having more germs or bacteria in your oral cavity, and brushing your teeth regularly might help in most cases.

There is a rare disease called Meckel’s diverticulum, in which the food got stuck down your throat and causes intense bad breath or Halitosis along with vomiting.

Surgery is the only option in Meckel’s diverticulum but as I said it is very very rare and out of 500 people suffering from bad breath, only 1 person will have this disease.

Whatever the reason is, Mouthwashs are the antidotes for people suffering from chronic bad breath resistance to any other treatment.

Mouthwash contains chemicals capable of antibacterial action and that kills most of the bacteria that are causing bad breath.

It also contains other chemicals that give a good smell to our breath and improves breath in no time. These are some of our recommend Mouthwashs for you.