Is physical therapy worth it

Is Physical Therapy Worth It

Physical therapy is simply the type of treatment which requires certain exercises and training of muscles for improving many conditions without the help of pharmaceuticals. People ask the question is physical therapy worth it. Let’s find the answer.

Most of us heard of physical therapy and it’s benefits has been increased remarkably during the last 2 ddecades.

The reason of sharp increase of demand of physical therapists is increase number of disease that affect muscles and needs to be improve through proper exercises and stretching of the muscles.

One of the most common and serious patients getting benefits from physical therapy includes the patient of brain stroke.

Benefits of physical therapy

There are number of benefits of physical therapy, let’s enlist them one by one.

  1. Any kind of exercise is beneficial for your body as it helps burning fat and improves organ systems.
  2. There are many disease which do not have proper treatment and physical therapy is the only hope for them . E.g Paralysis due to Brain stroke.
  3. There are certain relaxing points in our body and by pressing those points we feel relaxed and calm and this can help stressful patients.
  4. There are no medicines or surgeries involved. No risk of side effects or complications. This is the most important point for elderly as medicines can have a lot of side effects as well as more complications due to surgery but physical therapy does not have any of these. In other words ‘ If you are not getting well there is no or very little chance of you getting hurt’.
  5. The treatment is not expensive. The treatment cost of each session of physical therapy is different across the world and depends on experience and so many other things but one thing is sure that it is much cheaper than the other options of treatment of certain diseases.
  6. 6. More than 50% of people above age 40 experince certain pains most commonly back and joint pains and the only pharmaceutical treatment for those are pain killers but pain killers or Analgesics works only for certain time amd have many side effects and physical therapy can helps a lot especially in back pains.
  7. It is easily available . As the demand is increasing the number of therapists also increased and you can find one in your area easily.

Let’s summarise all the pros of Physical therapy and some of the cons also for better understanding.


  • No side effects.
  • Life saving.
  • Economical.
  • Easily available.
  • Overall healthy.


  • Does not treat all diseases.
  • Could take time for effects.
  • Can not be done on childrens and extremely ill patients.
  • Requires certain environment and machinery.

Is physical therapy worth it

Yes, i would like to talk about the value and scope of physical therapy nowadays and upcoming future.

As people are getting advanced and literate more and more , they are understading the importance of physical therapy in daily life and in the near future we will have high demand and respect for physical therapists.

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